Thursday, July 28, 2011

People think we're crazy :)

Yesterday, one of my top 2 'deal alert' sites highlighted that Target was going 75% of on toys today and that some stores had in fact started theirs 1 day early. So this morning, I got the kids up, bathed, fed, and on our way to target by 8:15 am. Sure enough, they had JUST finished marking all the toys down! Fantastic 75%+ off deals! And so many BOY things! I was beyond lucky to get there so early because they had items that I have never, ever (in all my parenting days) been able to find on clearance!

Quickly, I went through the aisles and loaded the cart - so full that Michael had to get out and you could barely find Christopher in the front! The cashier looked at me like I was CRAZY too. Quickly, I started explaining, "well, Christmas and Birthdays for 2 boys, plus gifts for other kids, plus toy donations for the hospital." It seemed like a good explanation for an overflowing cart of 75% off clearance. But that got me thinking ~ maybe EVERYONE thinks we're crazy! After all, we're about to load tons of toys into our attic.

So maybe we ARE a little crazy? Of course, we won't feel that way when:

1. We find out about a birthday party last minute during a busy week - have no fear, we have something in the attic!
2. We deliver toys to the Palmetto Children's Hospital that are valued at way more than we paid yet priceless to an ailing child.
3. Christmas rolls around and we don't have to think about the kids or spend a dime on them!
4. Birthdays roll around and we already have awesome gifts at affordable prices.
5. We donate the toys to less fortunate families through angel tree programs (or others) at Christmas.
6. In a time of crisis, we sell it for more than we paid so we can feed our family (haha - just kidding)

Those seem to me like good enough reasons to look like a mad crazy woman in the toy clearance aisles. :)

Some highlights:
Some 2 Buzz Lightyear Trikes - $2 each (originally $60 each)
Handy Manny table - $10 (originally $100)
Nerf swords - $5 each (originally $13)
Step 2 water table - $12.50 (originally $50)/ umbrella $2.50 (originally $10)
My first Kenmore sink - $10 (originally $100)
My first Kenmore fridge - $20 (originally $80)
2 Buzz Lightyear SPaceship/wings/ball shooters - $2 each (originally $40 each)
2 Imaginext dragons - $2 each (originally $28 each)
Play doh pizza kitchen - $1 (originally $17)
2 Thomas trains for 18mo - $3.50 each (originally $10 each)
2 Mega Blocks pirate ships - $6.50 each (originally $30)
Weebles treehouse - $11 (originally $30)
Cranium game - $3.25 (originally $25)
2 Screature dinosaurs - $2 each (originally $40 each)
Fisher Price dino hand - $2 each (originally $20 each)
Torando Tee - $2 (originally $30)

A few more awesome deals at 75% off include THOMAS TRAIN items (which are like GOLD in a clearance aisle - rare!) and more. I am officially done toy clearance shopping! Good luck to all the other "crazy" people out there!

Stacy {<><}


Amanda said...

I think we will go in the morning. I know it will all probably be gone by then, but we will look it over. I don't think you are crazy at all! This is the way to shop if you can. My problem is I am so slack on getting there before it gets picked over and having the money up front to pay for it all. Yes, it is great savings, but those small things add up fast. I think it is awesome that you put the charities right up their with your own son's Christmas. It really says a lot about you as a person. God bless!

Wiley family said...

Thank you for the compliment Amanda! We "save" money so we can be generous in other areas too. As our budget tightens (which it IS), we won't be able to do that as much.