Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Giving Back

In the children's hospital, Monday became known as the day that the "Happy Wheels" cart would come by to brighten Christopher's (well, really MY) day. It was one of the small things that helped us "get through" another day. It was more than just a toy.

I remember Christopher got the book, "Ten Little Babies" one week and a "Cat in the Hat" book too. He loved for me to read to him in the hospital. Another week, he got a set of Weebles. I didn't even know what they were! On one of our last days, he got a nice set of wooden blocks which he plays with almost everyday now.

To give back, we collected toys for Michael and Christopher to donate to Happy Wheels. I picked up clearance toys here and there until we had a whole bin full (including more Weebles)!

Michael did surprisingly well. He even put a Thomas and Henry train toy in the bag without any fuss! He wanted to give the toys to the "sick babies". I was so proud of him. Don't let the picture below fool you! He was super excited and also enjoyed seeing the fish tank at the hospital again.

This time, it was nice to "just be visiting."

* If you ever feel led to donate a toy or offer an incentive through a company to help raise money or collect toys for the sick children at the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital, just let me know and I will help make it a success!

A toy is more than just a toy
when Happy Wheels can share it.

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

That is really beautiful. Not only does it show your heart that you give, but you are teaching your boys such an important life lesson. It is sweet that Michael wants to help all the "sick babies." It means so much more since you all know what being a "sick baby" means and how much something so small can mean. You are such a light in this world. God Bless.