Thursday, August 4, 2011

I hate money

Sometimes finances can really get you down in the dumps. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who 1) has the same viewpoints as me towards budgeting and finances (pay cash, no credit cards, etc) 2) chooses not to argue over money and 3) wholeheartedly supports couponing and money-saving efforts.

We got married young, finished school, and immediately started a family - so we KNOW what a tight budget is. Of course, we got comfortable once I started teaching and had to cut back again when we had two mortgages and a second baby (+ childcare).

I WILL say this - God has always provided for us! We have never gone with our needs unmet.

I just wish we could see the future before making financial desicions. For example, everything was great in 2010 - we bought the truck from Phil and put new windows in our home (yikes - expensive - but much needed). Then in July, a car accident that totaled our van. Okay - we can come back from that. Then, February, medical bills + medical bills + medical bills. Plus 3 broken car window motors in 1 year and $1,000+ put into our vehicles. And that's just the really BIG stuff. Plus, I gave up my violin studio when Christopher was sick which puts more of the part-time work on Casey and HIS second job.

So as you can see, paying bills and looking at our bank account has really gotten me down in the dumps today. We'll be cutting back a lot this school year until our savings are built back up. It's unfortunate that money is such a neccesity in life. It certainly is NOT a neccesity for HAPPINESS!

Tithe first and God will always meet your needs!

Stacy { <>< }

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