Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All about Christopher

Christopher - my sweet, sweet baby. I just love him to pieces.

He jibber jabbers constantly! People at school and church comment on it all the time. Apparently another parent always asks him "Christopher, what's the word" when he picks up his son and Christopher pauses for a second and then goes off talking as if he can understand him. It is downright cute. Sometimes he even adds a little bit of hand motions (Italian side?) and you can pretend like you know exactly what he is saying. Adorable!

He loves his lovey. This is not something I am familiar with since Michael never had one. Christopher will suck his thumb and cuddle up to one as soon as it touches his hand (he has several he likes). Perhaps that is why he also loves pillows and satin textures. The only way to slow him down for a cuddle time is to hand him a lovey :)

He is now officially walking! He still chooses to crawl a lot, but he is 100% willing to take a few steps on his own now. Before he would constantly just sit down like he was too scared. I called him "Chicken Pie". Don't ask me why!

He is like a little hamster or chipmunk! For some reason, when he gets full, he continues to stuff food in his mouth and fill his cheeks. Reminds me of Mark and Lacy's hamster that built a nest in our closet by hoarding dog food from the kitchen (without the 4 of us who lived in the house ever noticing). Christopher will be sitting in the bathtub and all of a sudden I see food in the water. HOW!? Christopher still has a mouthful for a bedtime snack I guess! AT least he is doing better with table food!

His hair is SO long. You wouldn't really know it by looking at it, but those curls are LONG. When we wash his hair, it staightens out all the way down his neck and onto his back. Who knows how long Casey will let this go on. Michael had his 1st haircut at 19 months and Christopher is only 14 months. Apparently my brother had curls too until they were cut and never came back. That's why I don't want to cut them!

He is so cute in shoes! and hats! I just love cute shoes and hats! :)

He loves to look at books. He gets them out of the book basket a lot. Of course, his favorites have noisy buttons on them. Sometimes, he will sit still with us when we read to Michael.

He likes to be near people. He doesn't really like to be in a room alone. Whatever room you are in, he likes to play in it too!

He sings a little bit - especially his favorite Veggie Tales song - "Baa, Baa, Baa...I'm a little sheep...". You can't make out words, but you can tell he is singing a tune.

He has SO many teeth! 12 are all the way in and the last 4 (canines) are on their way in as well. Michael only had 4 teeth at this age! We are shocked at his little mouthful of teeth!

He is the happiest, sweetest boy. I am so glad God blessed us with him!

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

Christopher is so awesome! He seems like such a sweet little boy. It is so exciting that he is walking now! I remember that being one of my favorite milestones. It's cool that he likes to be around people and talk to them. It will probably make him very social very early on. I love the curls! I'm honestly glad that I have a girl because I don't want to cut her hair at all. God bless!