Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back in the groove!

Back-to-school and getting back into the groove...and it - is - exhausting! :)

Luckily, Casey's catering schedule has been light lately and my teaching schedule is much lighter than last year. We have been able to eat, spend time with the kids, and get a little housework done each night.

We had a great trip to Spartanburg last weekend! We saw a little bit of all the families, went swimming, fed the ducks, and more. I'm sad we won't be able to make it up much this semester with football games (Casey caters), church nursery every other week, and church orchestra rehearsals and concerts. I can't wait for our annual apple picking trip on October 15th! We have to schedule it 1 month or more in advance now that our families are growing so much!

I had a random thought the other day - it has been over 1 year since our car accident! Yay! I'm loving our newer van, too. I guess every cloud CAN have a silver lining!

For some html reason, half of my blog page has moved to the bottom of the screen. I haven't had enough time to stress over fixing it so just scroll down to search or see our sweet family picture :)

Strings sign-ups are crazy high at Conder this year! I usually have to BEG 5th graders to sign up, but I already have 21 signed up this year and I collect forms for 1 more week! I hope that means this will be a GREAT year!

I've been doing better with praying for others lately. Casey and I are reading 2 daily devotions together and really enjoying it. I'm also reading a small one on my own (the one that keeps saying exactly what I need on some days that I share here from time-to-time).

A lot of random updates today! Maybe more interesting tidbits next time!

Stac y{ <>< }

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