Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Element

Although school ended last Saturday (June 2nd), I am spending this week (June 4th-8th) in Greenville, SC at the Governor's School attending a CLIA conference (Curriculum Leadership Institute in the Arts).  Highlights of the week so far definitely include the awesome food and the impending graduate credit, but it's been pretty fun too!

A large portion of this week includes participation in 9 ARTS lessons in addition to teaching our own lesson (yes, my group members will be learning how to play the violin tomorrow).  Check out this cool sculpture I made in an art lesson today - based on a painting by Georges Seurat.  I can't wait to get in touch with my artistic side next year (especially with teaching the boys)!  Fun, fun, fun!

My sculpture based on the painting pictured here by Georges Seurat

Another one of our requirements was to read the book The Element by Sir Ken Robinson (  Although I don't agree with everything in the book, some of the quotes in the book and videos on the site are inspiring.  Basically, he describes the importance of not only finding our own Element, but also transforming our public education system to assist students in finding their Element too.

Luckily, I live everyday in my Element - playing and teaching the violin.  I love it and I am deeply passionate about it.  I find great joy in performing and teaching and sharing my talents with my students.

One thing that really stuck with me (after writing a paper on the book....) is the importance of mentors and those who helped us find and grow in our here is a shout out to some of the people who made my dreams possible and inspired me to become the violinist and teacher I am today!

My parents - for constant encouragement and support (and financial support to purchase a violin and study privately) - without it, I wouldn't be where I am!
Mrs. Burcham - the teacher who initially molded my playing skills everyday in school - she set a strong foundation!
Mr. Griffin - my first private violin teacher who inspired me to enter the field
Dr. Terwilliger and Mr. Kho - my college violin teachers who challenged me to strengthen my playing skills
Dr. Barnes - who led me down a path that developed my teaching skills to their fullest
And to many other coaches, conductors, friends, and teachers who committed me to developing my playing and teaching skills to their fullest potential.

I am feeling inspired - I love my Element! 

Tomorrow I will teach my group a compilation of activities I have developed to introduce violin and bow position to young children.  I'm excited and they're pretty excited too :)

<>< Stacy

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