Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please vote!

Please hop on over to Sun Printing on facebook
and type "Happy Wheels" on their wall.
You can vote once per day in June.

Because sometimes I still cry over this:
Christopher Robyn 8 months old

And I try to forget intussusception statistics like this:
when untreated it can lead to death within 2–5 days

Well, I really try to forget everything.
But I remember everything.
Then I remember holding him for the first time
after 7 days on a ventilator.

And I thank God over and over for our little miracle.

Now we try to give back to organizations like Happy Wheels .
Happy Wheels made Mondays a little better with a new book or toy.
Please help Happy Wheels win $1,000
by typing "Happy Wheels" on the wall of Sun Printing.

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Amanda McCusker said...

One of those times when all you want to do is forget, but that is impossible. Donating back to "Happy Wheels" is such a beautiful response to all of your family's trails. You have inspired me to give more when I can. My husband is now volunteering at the MUSC children's hospital and I am so proud of him. I'm not sure I could handle it. Just seeing pictures of Christopher during that time makes me want to cry too. I know you feel that times a hundred since it was your own baby. You are so beautiful, and truly have a heart for God. I love reading about all of your adventures and seeing the boys grow up. I voted too! <3