Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Meal

Aside from already missing Casey since he leaves at some insane early hour on Mondays, I spent part of the day with my sister and adorable niece and the rest cleaning, cooking, cleaning some more, and napping.  Sounds like a typical 'pregnant me' day.  Oh, I also spent tons of time playing with the boys :)  Michael and I tied playing Memory (I may or may not have purposely missed some matches...but it was his first time playing!).  Michael was such a sweetie when I fell asleep and covered me up with blankets and "sleeping dogs".  Here's a peak at what we had for dinner!
Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole

I changed it up a bit from the recipe as I didn't have hamburger meat or spaghetti noodles... so we used mild sausage and corkscrew noodles (the kids' favorite noodles!).
The sausage and spaghetti sauce      The noodles/cream cheese/spices

Noodles, Sauce, Parmesan Cheese!!!


Christopher ate 3 plates of food!
How does he stay so small?

Michael ate his up and said it was yummy.
Still, he preferred the Texas Toast.

Here is a dinner idea I stole and love ----
Use some of the kids' artwork as placemats!

Michael asked if we could have a Lightning McQueen dinner...
so the boys colored while I cooked and they had Cars placemats.

Yes, that's my Bible and Buzz Lightyear joining us for dinner...
Never know what you'll find at our dinner table!

I LOVE my boys :)

<>< Stacy


Casey said...

Wish I was there! Everything looks so AWESOME!!!!

Amanda McCusker said...

The dinner looks amazing! And the placemats is such a wonderful idea. The boys look so happy. You do so good mommy!

Wiley family said...

It's a great way to clear out some artwork ;)