Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuff and Nonsense

Stuff and Nonsense are two little mice in the book Grandma
and Grandpa got Michael at Ollie's this week. 
Michael loves this book because it is a pop-up (and touch-and-feel) book.
Now for some "stuff and nonsense" from our week! 
These are camera shots - we still don't have a working camera...

My first time making blueberry pancakes - yum!

Christopher's post-nap mohawk.

Michael made a bed and tucked in Bessy, Buzz, and Rex.

Crock Pot lasagna...turned out pretty good! 
The kids ate it up!
I haven't even gotten a call that the parts are in for our stove,
so I imagine it will be at least another week with no oven!!!

Enjoying an evening outside - bubbles!

I felt good enough to clean up our post-storm mess Tuesday night!
Bring on my 2nd trimester please!!!!!!
(12.5 weeks right now)

Taking a cute shot for Daddy :) 
Yes, the van is 'wearing a HAT'!

Michael practiced writing his name a few times...

The boys love to play dress-up all on their own!
I think it's adorable!

Christopher napping - I found him with Mr. Grumpy Pants.

4th of July was kind of a lonely bummer this year....
but I pulled out some new/special plates the boys loved!

We also made a fun dessert!
Michael had more fun doing blueberries
and looking at it than eating it.

The boys showered just in time for us to catch 2 different neighbors doing a few fun fireworks.  Michael doesn't like the loud ones!  Both boys were covering their ears!  It made a lonely July 4th a little better though.  We tucked Christopher in and I let Michael watch the Macy's and Boston Pops fireworks with me (late, I know...). 
Michael loved it!  I loved it too!

I am already excited about July 4th, 2013 - hopefully living in Boiling Springs, celebrating with a complete family, and cuddling our new bundle of joy. 

<>< Stacy


Amanda McCusker said...

That sounds like fun. I understand the lonely, but you are doing great keeping fun activities and projects for the boys so they don't miss Daddy so much. I love the cake! And Michael is doing really well writing his name!

Wiley family said...

Thanks! He learned most of that at school so I can't take all the credit....