Friday, September 21, 2012

A Blessed Week

This week has been full of blessings!

Baby girl has somehow repositioned herself into a higher place! 
I am in much less pain, sleeping better, and am enjoying her a lot more :)
I am now 24 weeks pregnant!
Baby kicks around a lot more (and a lot higher!)
  We were blessed with some Pre-school homeschool supplies and some baby girl clothes this week!  Both are a tremendous blessing! Thank you so much to our church friends!

I got to catch-up with some close friends.
I got some GREAT coupon grocery deals this week!
Thanks to couponing, I have Ginger Ale again!
(Must be a pregnant thing)
It seriously made my week better.
Casey is coming home early today!
I have a wedding and rehearsal this weekend!
Yay for extra income!
My parents are coming tomorrow to help us build a privacy screen!
This gives me a *little bit* of renewed hope
that our house *might* sell within a few months.
Michael is still anxious to feel baby girl kick.
He is becoming very sweet hugging, rubbing, and loving on my tummy!
He even makes sweet comments on the baby girl clothes :)
(It makes up a little bit for missing Casey through this pregnancy)
I have felt so happy this week! 
I was even able to laugh through:
Christopher removing his diaper from under his shorts and peeing on the floor ?!?, Christopher knocking his other front tooth out of place, Michael throwing a huge [loud] bedtime fit, Christopher being a big grump (more than once), the boys' new favorite thing to do:  fake cry (more like WAILING for fun), and many other little mishaps that sometimes drive me crazy!
I just feel blessed this week.
<>< Stacy
* Will try to post some pictures soon! *


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