Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The project begins...

You've probably heard about our 2 showings lately. 
Here's the feedback:
Adorable house! But the neighbor beside them killed it with that metal shed in the back. That yard was terrible too. My client really liked it but wouldn't consider it because of the next door neighbors. Sorry... we talked about [a privacy screen], but even a 6 ft fence wouldn't shield that, plus the front yard was a mess too.
It's a shame the neighbors allow that.
Great house! However, my clients immediately ruled it out because of the neighbor's backyard. Privacy fence?

It is SO frustrating when something is
preventing your house from selling,
but you have NO control over it!
With that being said,
we have decided to build a privacy screen
between our yard and the neighbors' yard.
So here is a Before shot (what we need to hide):
 View from our backyard

* Future Privacy Screen *
 View from the front and our bedroom window
Aside from that view, our backyard is quite nice!
Lots of green, grassy area.
Our backyard
Another corner...
The other neighbors' yard  :)
Operation 'build a privacy screen' 
Project Step 1: Buy materials
Project Step 2:  Remove remaining tree stumps
(the neighbors had some trees cut down and never completed this project)
Casey and the neighbor cutting down tree stumps
The boys watching from inside :)
Lovey Giraffe, Lovery Girl, Donatello, and Spiderman joined us.

Stay tuned for Steps 3+ this weekend!
Oh, and in case you were wondering,
the metal shed existed when we bought the house. 
The pool and excessive gardens did not. 
Please pray for us!
<>< Stacy

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