Monday, September 17, 2012

Boys being Boys

We've had some great weather lately!
You'll find us outside on those days.......
This picture is an example of why Christopher
is always covered in bruises, scratches, busted lips, and other injuries.
I think he just wants to be like big brother!
Boys playing rough.
Always on the move!

After they got some energy out, we had pre-school time outside.
Michael was confused at first -
according to him, you CAN'T have school outside!
Oh please!  That's the fun of schooling at home!
We drew pictures of things that started with the letter "Ff"
and practiced writing uppercase and lowercase.

Michael practicing his letters under our 'Family'
In case you were wondering, the family picture includes:
Celia (cat), Casey, Me, Christopher,
Michael with a gerbil in each hand (Coffee and Toffee),
Petey, Bear, and Baby.
Proud of himself!
Working together
Putting gas in the lawn mower...
On the move again!
Riding bikes together (although Christopher cannot keep up)!
Exploring an empty box ?
And I got to relax and read the Bible.
'Lovey Girl' must have liked the reading - she kicked up a storm!
Mommy reading.
Of course this post would not be complete
without mentioning a yummy dinner:
Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers

<>< Stacy

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