Saturday, September 15, 2012


A few snapshots of the week...
Michael and Christopher call this pink lovey "lovey girl"
in addition to calling the baby "lovey girl". 
This is what we will let them bring to the hospital when she is born!
They are very excited about that!
I found Michael cuddled up to "lovey girl"

Michael built these 3 'robots' -
A Mommy, a Daddy, and a Baby :)
Monster stickers = M W for Michael Wiley

My niece, Violet, came over and played!
Well, they almost cooperated!
Violet as a Gamecock!
(She and Michael picked this - I had nothing to do with it!)
Happy Weekend!
We have fun plans as a family :)
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

The kids are so cute! I love that they have something to identify with their soon to come baby sister. That is a wonderful idea. We have the same problem getting the kids together to take pictures. They tend to be fairly cooperative until you put them on the couch for a "real" picture and then it all goes grumpy. Violet is so cute as a gamecock, but we all know she is a true Tiger at heart ;)