Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Overload!

I got to see our 'lovey girl' again on ultrasound today!
Last time, she was bunched up so tightly that 
they couldn't get a good look at her heart.
Today she cooperated and the technician spent a lot of time
explaining each part of the heart to me - and telling me it was perfect!  :)
We tried to get a good 'picture' for Casey, but she would NOT cooperate...
She had her back arched and her neck all the back.
Her position looked painfully uncomfortable to me!
25 weeks
So at 25 weeks everything seems quite normal!
I start going to the doctor every 3 weeks now!  Ack!
Here's a few photo moments from the past week(s)...
I love finding the boys doing this all the time:
Michael reading books!
We studied 'Gg' last week - hence the glasses...
Enjoying the cooler weather!

Isn't he adorable ?
This time Spiderman and Donatello joined in!
Can you find them?
Michael reading books.
Christopher jumped off of the toy box and hit his mouth on Michael's head.
He busted his lip again and hit his other front tooth
back to where the first messed up tooth is.
So now...... his teeth are straight again!!!??!!
And no more "thumb sucking" teeth!
And YES, I was finding the silver lining here  :)
Mommy cuddles fix everything!

See?  All better!
Busted lip and all!
The boys loved sorting and counting these bears a church friend gave us!
Playing......I mean LEARNING!
Michael loves to set up his animals.
This time, I told him we could have "Pre-school" in the "nest".
Meticulously getting the nest ready!
Admiring Michael's work before he destroys it!
This kid LOVES Pre-school time!
Studying the letter "Gg"
Celia loves to cuddle with Michael.
Michael loves to cuddle with Celia.
Violet visits!
 24 Weeks
Bathtime is fun! (and loud)
YUMMY sauerkraut, kielbasa, potatoes, and onions!
Christopher is a monkey.
He hangs like this from anything he can get his hands on and his feet under.
The counter, the bathroom sink, the swingset, the list goes on...
Christopher Monkey.
 Can you find the LIVING animal?
24 weeks again...
After playing a wedding.
Daddy and his boys!
There's those glasses again...
But isn't he C U T E ! ? !
                              Cute.                                  Cuter.                             Cutest.                  

24 weeks in P I N K for lovey girl
When Casey needed to get a tree planted just before dark,
I decided to heat up some corndogs and have a picnic outside! 
Fun, fun, fun!
Michael and his magnifying glass.
"Can we EAT now?"
Pregnant lady shared the chips!
Dinner and a tree planted?  CHECK!
Just a little peek into our crazy life!
<>< Stacy

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