Monday, October 1, 2012

A CRAZY Wiley Weekend

Friday Evening:
Casey got home at 5:30 (early!)
We heated up and ate up leftovers
Casey headed outside to plant 10 plants along the privacy screen before dark
The boys enjoyed popsicles and Mommy read the Bible while Daddy worked
The boys bathed and Casey took brush teeth/book/bedtime duty
I printed some coupons and finished up "photo overload" catch-up blog post
Casey and I watched Fever Pitch while eating an entire pint of Starbucks ice cream
I cut coupons for various weekend and grocery deals
Early to bed...asleep by 11:00

I woke-up to Christopher crying around 8:00 am (not complaining about 8 am!)
I snuck out of bed, took care of Christopher, and made pancakes to surprise Casey!
I made a batch of banana, banana-blueberry, and banana-chocolate chip pancakes
I turned on the attic fan and opened up windows in the house
  (to get a cool airflow and lower the temperature)
We all ate up yummy pancakes!
We cleaned up the kitchen
Everyone got dressed
We straightened up the house "in case it showed"
We loaded up in the car to hit up a few garage sales
We scored an Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper in brand new condition for $20

Toffee - Click Image to Close

This co-sleeper will be perfect if I am still living in Columbia because it can be attached to the bed as a co-sleeper (a great option for nursing mommies) or the side can be pulled up to create a bassinet which can be wheeled from room to room.  It is very small in the event I am not able to collapse it before a showing, but it should also be very easy for me to collapse when the house shows.  The color is neutral and will fit in our room well.  The price?  A steal at $20 in new condition! 

And if we get moved before January? 
This will still be a great co-sleeper before she moves to her crib.


We got home and fed the kids
Casey mowed the front and back lawns while I made fried rice for lunch
I cooked, unloaded the dishwasher, monitored the kids eating,
and put them down for nap
Casey finished up mowing, returned the mower to the neighbors,
and we ate up yummy lunch
Casey left to buy pine straw for our privacy fence project
We were trying to beat the rain, but it never even came!
I cleaned-up the kitchen
Casey came home with 7 bales of pine straw
We put newspaper out along the fence before laying pinestraw
We put out all of the pinestraw along our side of the fence
Christopher woke up semi-grumpy and 'helped us' outside

We raked old leaves from the far side of our front yard,
loaded leaves into the wheelbarrow,
and Casey wheeled them across our yard and into the neighbors' yard
so he could lift the wheelbarrow over the fence and dump them
'between' the chain and wood fences to prevent weeds.

Casey made between 15 and 20 trips while I raked more leaves
.........and we were both EXHAUSTED.

Casey and the boys enjoyed a popsicle
The boys showered and got all the dirt off!
I left to run a couple of errands while Casey got dinner ready
When I got back, we ate gourmet hot dogs and watched the USC football game
During the game, we got the kids down to bed and did a few other things...
Casey cleaned the kitchen
We ran a few loads of laundry
I wrote 24 notecards for our Sunday School class
       (prayer cards, miss you cards, and birthday cards)
Casey put together a casserole to heat in the morning for our SS Social
Casey put together soup in the crock pot to put on in the morning before church
We got everything ready for loading up before church:
   breakfast for the boys
   casserole for SS
   diaper bag
   Bible bag/notecards
   wedding music bag for bridal meeting after church
We shared another pint of ice cream.  We earned it!
Oh, and the Gamecocks pulled off a win!

6:30 am - everyone's up and getting ready for church!
Casey put casserole in oven and started crock pot soup
We loaded up the list of stuff above and were out the door by 7:30
8 am orchestra rehearsal
Casey shuffled around children, notecards, casseroles, and such while I played 
11:40 left after church to meet with a bride and pick music
Met with bride til 1:30 while Casey and kids snacked, read, and napped in the van
2:00 home, ate lunch
Cleaned up from morning chaos and lunch mess
Ran 2 errands
Put out new Fall flag (thanks Mommy!!)
Dealt with cranky children and tons of time-out
Got winter clothes out of the attic
Sorted through too small, too big, seasonal kids' clothing for HOURS
Finally got drawers loaded and containers back in attic
Somewhere in there, everyone ate something for dinner
Casey cleaned cat litter and gerbil cage
Casey packed his stuff up for early Monday morning departure
   (he leaves at like 6 am!)
Completed other random small projects...
Tried to watch a movie and fell asleep within 5 minutes - exhausted.

That's how crazy weekends are when Casey gets home!
I'm sure I even left stuff out, too!
There are so many things that have to get done when Casey is home that we have to orchestrate almost every minute so it can be productive.  It's exhausting!  I'm SO ready to move!

Next weekend, I'm going to Spartanburg and we will be going apple picking.
Hopefully a little more relaxing...

Stay tuned for pics later this week. 
I use Mondays to recover myself and the house!

<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

That does sound crazy... The good kind of crazy. That's an awesome Co sleeper, something that is great for new babies. Hope you have a great week!