Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall fun!

Fun on a rainy day!
Playing with umbrellas.

Letting little boys be little boys.   :)
Our new Mini Co-Sleeper!
We're planning for baby in Columbia...
and got a steal of a deal on this
like-new condition mini co-sleeper!
Up to the attic for a few more months.  :) 

Here is Christopher discovering the storage compartment
I didn't even know was there!
SCORE Christopher!
Oh, and here's how I found him later that day...
So does that mean we can use this as a bed for 2 kids ?
One on top and one on bottom?
This was supposed to be Christopher's Halloween costume,
but Michael INSISTS he wants to wear it.
SO cute!
 To brighten my lonely spirits at home,
I decided to put out some Fall decorations.
Just a few on the mantle.
Parrot boy...
 I really need a better place for this!  Tehehe!

Christopher decided to pull this old costume
from last year out of his dress-up bin!
 Hanging out with Mommy's Fall Maternity clothes!

Can I just say...

Parrot boy and Pooh Bear
We carried the spirit outside for some curb appeal.  :)
Flag and pumpkins.

Oh, and we decorated the porch, too...
with Parrots and Poohs!
I'm so glad I decided to get down some fun decorations!
I miss the holidays like they used to be around here,
but I know they'll be even better once we finally get moved!
<>< Stacy

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