Thursday, October 18, 2012

11 years ago....

11 years ago, my high school sweetheart and I officially started 'dating'...
or unofficially... one way or another, our relationship began 11 years ago!
No facebook back then to document our life changes...
We met in high school orchestra - Casey played cello.
After he graduated, and became 'available' again,
we went on our first date - I was a Junior.
I'll save the more sappy, interesting stories for another day  :)
For now, let's see some "dating" pictures!
December 2001
Winter Dance
                                 Prom                                           School Orchestra Trip
School Orchestra Trip - Disney
Fun in Columbia (?)

The Jeep !!!

                         Trying out the goatee                           My BSHS pageant

                       Outdoors show                                       Senior Prom
Senior Prom!
                       Halloween at USC                              Dorm room at USC
*** Engagement! ***
(Another sappy, wonderful story for another day!)
Of course I will marry you!

After a surprise kitchen shower

                        Casey's undergraduate graduation         Date night!
After a violin recital
 Haha!  Our true colors!
Casey is the only guy I ever dated!
I am so lucky to have him!
I hope we can stay one of those, "sappy, cute, good looking,
happy during the good and the bad times" couples forever!
Casey bought these shirts :)
Even the neighbor lady was mentioning
how great Casey is helping out around the house...
and how he is so great to wear his "I love my wife" shirt!
He sure has them fooled! HaHaHa! Just kidding!

My oh my -- how much can change in 11 years!
Today, instead of exchanging cheesy aol instant messages,
our two little boys and I got to hear our sweet baby girl's heartbeat!
We are blessed to spend our lives together!
<>< Stacy



paige said...

I haven't been there to see it but all I can say is you guys are a beautiful couplevand you are so nice and loving and he seems like such a sweetheart. A genuine loving man. I hope I have a relationship some day like yours:). Happy anniversary! !!!

Wiley family said...

Thanks Paige! You WILL! It will be worth the wait, too.