Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nivens 2012!

Things have been so crazy around here that I never got to finish blogging about our weekend trip to Spartanburg! The last few posts had pictures from our trip to Spartanburg, but here's the ones from our fun day at Nivens.  This was supposed to be our annual apple picking trip, but they were completely wiped out of apples... so we picked pumpkins instead.  We had a blast!
Ready for some adventure!
Family of 4...

...soon to be 5!
Showing their true colors?
                          The totem "got me"!                                    26 weeks :)
My 3 handsome boys!
Sitting on a huge pumpkin!
We tried to get a picture of all 3 grandkids...
but it just wasn't really meant to be!
Christopher (2), Michael (4), Violet (22 months)
Michael preferred the "pink" pumpkins
so we stopped by one for a family picture :)
Pink Pumpkin!!!!!
A second shot at getting a picture of all 3 kids...
Humorous and interesting...
Gag reel - pics of all 3 kids :)
Christopher just had to "help" push Violet in the wagon.
"I do it, Daddy!"

 Checking out our pumpkin loot.
 Violet was pretty excited about the wagon, too.  :)
Nivens was wiped out of apples,
but Casey climbed up really high to
get the only 3 apples left that looked decent.

See Casey in the tree?

"Mommy, I found one!"
Me and my boys :)
They were happier after they got an apple!
Daddy found a 4 leaf clover! 
Sending some good luck our way!
Daddy and a 4 leaf clover :)
                                                      Mommy loves holding hands!
SAD to leave!!!
"More apples, Daddy!"
Tractor time!

Fun, fun, fun!
The 'official' family picture
The kids had a blast playing on their play equipment...
"Mommy, I can bounce all the way around!"
"Watch me!"
All 3 at once...
SO happy!
                                "Little" Bro                                     Me and Casey
Grandma and Grandpa

We're a good looking crew!  :)
And here's a picture of EVERYONE!
(except Kyle... he's hiding)
2012 Fall Family Picture
Next year?  2 more little babies!!  We'll be a family of 12!!!
The kids even had a blast on the way back to the car (thanks, Casey!)
All giggles!
We saw Papa too :)
 Eatin' with Papa.
Determined to get some tea!!
Crazy curly mohawk hair!!!
And this sums up our fun, fun weekend!
Pumpkins from the pumpkin patch :)
What a great weekend in Spartanburg.
 A much needed break from our
"work, work, work" weekends in Columbia!
Fall is here!
<>< Stacy

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