Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haircut Anxiety Overcome ?

For those of you who know me well,
you know I have HAIRCUT ANXIETY!
Too many bad experiences and outcomes.
But Saturday, Casey surprised me with an appointment
to Pink the Beauty Boutique in Boiling Springs.
I had pointed out a picture I liked on their facebook page :)
Sometimes my hubby is really, really sweet :)
To my surprise, she cut my hair and sent me home in curls!
I couldn't believe how much time she took...
and I got to have fun curls for a day!
I'm not sure my hair has ever held curls like this...
Visiting Ava and Allison!

                                  26 weeks!                                         The whole crew :)
They lasted til the end of the day!

So maybe, just MAYBE, I have overcome my haircut anxiety!
I'll be visiting Pink the Beauty Boutique again...
especially when I get moved to Boiling Springs!
<>< Stacy


Ms. Kat said...

Amanda works magic on ALL hair! Not to mention I love supporting someone who I know personally! Your hair looks great in the pictures!

Wiley family said...

Thanks! Mine was actually done by Bryce, but I'm sure both are excellent! My kids loved the blue shag rug too :)