Tuesday, November 13, 2012

9 weeks

To say I haven't posted in a while would be a HUGE understatement!  :)
A week out of town + catching up = busy!
Over the last week I have officially begun freaking out about considering
all of the things we need to think about and do before baby girl gets here.
Since Casey and I don't live together and weekends are typically crazy, too
I feel like we have left all things baby on the backburner........
and now I am realizing how much we HAVEN'T thought about or done! 
9 weeks - we have time, right ??
Actually, that's only 7 full weekends together -
We are travelling out of town for one.
Our church Christmas show fills up one.
Christmas gigs and festivities fill up at LEAST another one.
Such a busy season!  Even worse when you live apart!
So to make up for it, I am officially 'nesting'.
I have done more work around the house today than I usually do in 2 or 3 days.

We don't have a nursery since we've been trying to move, so this her stuff so far....
Baby girl's 'stuff' in a closet:
(sandwiched between men's clothing and an Oreck!)
Lots of her cute stuff came from a fun dinner shower
with my Sunday School last night!
I'm not used to 'going out' on weeknights anymore...ever...
so this was a huge treat ~ plus baby girl stuff!
Here's someone else who doesn't know
what to think of all the pink and purple....

I've had a good cry over the sadness I feel for our separated family
and all the sweet moments, planning, and baby girl stuff I've been craving,
but we're going to get ready for this baby girl now!
God is good.
<>< Stacy

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