Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Date with Daddy!

Mrs. Mary Lou (our neighbor) brought by the cutest
little turkey cookies for the boys last night!
So we turned it into a skype
"hot chocolate date"
with Daddy!
Cute little turkey!

1st hot chocolate of the season!

Daddy joined us on skype!
Telling Daddy how yummy everything is!

They were SO excited!

Don't you hate it when the marshmallows
get stuck at the bottom of the cup?

We dug the marshmallows out with a cookie bite!
Yesterday was one of those rare afternoons....
both boys wet the bed during nap! 
So while we waited for the sheets to finish drying last night,
the boys had some 'book time'.
So cute!

Just chillin' with a good book!
Michael looking at a book...

Didn't even make it to the chair with the Haunted House flipbook!
Michael gave up books for playing with the cat on the bookshelf.

And finally...for Daddy....
Michael is getting pretty good at building his own train tracks!

Michael's handywork!
Yesterday was an EXTREMELY productive day for me...
with plenty of time for fun with the boys mixed in!
Let's hope I can maintain this energy a few more days!
<>< Stacy

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Heather Sewell said...

I LOVE your blog and the pics!!