Friday, November 16, 2012

The Little Things

I've been trying to remind myself lately that
it's the little things
that bring happiness and make sweet memories.
Here are a few of "the little things" we've been up to with Daddy!
Throwing Pennies
in fountains, of course!
The boys love throwing pennies in "the water".

They get SO excited!  It makes them SO happy!

Creating special moments when Daddy is home :)
Michael brought his newest 'sleeping friend' - Little.
Bringing Little is one of the "little" things that means so much to him.
Which brings me to Little's next experience....

Singing a Moes Song
We used to eat Moes Mondays ($5 dinner night)
a lot when Casey lived here,
so we jumped at the chance to eat $4 burritos
in support of Epworth Children's Home!
It's kind of sad, but we sing a burrito song on our way to Moes.
We're goin' down to Moes,
We're goin' down to Moes,
Gonna eat some rice and beans
in our bur-ri-tos!
Oh, and Little had his first trip to Moes, too.
This picture makes me laugh because Michael took it...
and he was SO mad that Christopher didn't smile.
Haha, I know how he feels since they don't like to smile for me, either!!
Photo by: Michael
Little's trip to Moes
Wearing a Tie
Michael wore a tie to church for the first time!
My two handsome little boys :)

Having a fun/early morning before church
Dressing up!
I hit the target 90% clearance after Halloween
and these shirt/cape/mask sets were $1.
The boys were so excited!
They told us:
Green = SuperWhy
Gray = Batman
Michael's serious hero face (?)

Showing off their costumes!

More ominous superhero faces (?)
 I think this was $1 well spent!
Christopher likes to run and do a split....
I encourage you to keep in mind that
it's the little things
that bring happiness and make sweet memories.
<>< Stacy


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