Saturday, November 24, 2012

A few fun moments

Here are a few fun moments we started November with.....
Visiting Daddy in Spartanburg!

Collecting leaves at Grandma's house
Having fun with the leaves!
SO excited!

Baby bump a few weeks ago :)

Michael "playing" words with friends on Grandma's iPad

Testing out a back massager --it tickles!
Michael's turn!

Sooooooo funny to watch!
Michael is quite the builder

Proud of his work!
*baby bump photo by Michael*
The many faces of Michael (with Mommy)

Silly Michael!

Baby bump a couple of weeks ago :)
Christopher totally photo bombed this pic!!

Always in costume :)
More posts to come, but I am dealing with blogger photo storage issues right now.
I probably should have researched blogging with photos
before I used up all my online storage space!
<>< Stacy


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