Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Early November...

Still playing catch-up :)
Election day
Casey and I voted absentee this year since he lives out of town
and I wasn't feeling up to braving the lines with 2 little kids. 
Best decision ever! 
The boys and I wore some Red-White-and-Blue
in honor of the occasion
and because everyone knows
it's one of my favorite color combinations
so why not......?
Red White and Blue!

Can't get a good pic without Daddy around :)

Christopher speculating the results...
Since we were already outside recycling,
I had the boys get the mail with me.
It was Michael's lucky day!
He got his Lego magazine!
He was SO excited to find it in the mailbox!
Feel free to send Michael mail anytime...
He recognizes his name and gets VERY excited!  :)
'Reading' his mail

Christopher got one too
Bath Time!
Bubbly monsters!

Don't let these sweet smiles fool you!
Homecoming at USC
Since Casey doesn't cater these types of events anymore,
we actually got to ATTEND the
College of Education homecoming alumni event.
Michael wasn't too keen on the 'real' cocky,
so we took a pic by the blow-up one instead.
At least Mommy and Daddy look excited!

1st time eating Cotton Candy!  LOVED it!
Daddy went down the blow-up slide with Christopher :)
An overall fun night!
And Casey won a door prize too...
with his plentiful knowledge of USC history!
Thanks to him, we won a dinner date downtown...
as soon as we find some extra time and a sitter. Tehehe!
 Keeping things fun!
<>< Stacy

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