Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's in a Name?

The moment is finally here for us to share our baby girl's name!
For those who aren't familiar,
I thought it would be fun to share
where the boys' names came from, too.
1. Michael Lynn Wiley
"Who is like God"
Casey's middle name.
In honor and memory of Casey's dad
whose middle name was Lynn.
2. Christopher Robyn Wiley
"Follower of Christ"
In honor of my Grandpa and greatest fishing buddy!
I'm sure you've heard of the popular book series
with a "Christopher Robin" in it...
I may or may not have been reading one of those books
when I jokingly mentioned how well Christopher went with Robyn.
Christopher has a strong religious meaning, too.
But rest assured, our Christopher Robyn
is named after someone far more special!
Yet he bears a striking resemblance
to the Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robyn, too.
and finally...........
3.  Elizabeth Annalise Wiley

"Pledged to God, or God's Promise"
A family name from Casey's mom's family
shared by Grandpa's sister and mother.
"Graced with God's bounty"
In honor and memory of Casey's mom
whose middle name was 'Anne'.
She would have been a wonderful and proud Nana!
As you can see, Elizabeth's name is very special.
She is named after some great women in our family!
And although we have never shortened the boys' names before,
we expect she'll be Lizzy or LizzyAnne from time-to-time.
Oh, and the boys are practicing her name, too!
We can't wait to welcome Elizabeth Annalise Wiley!
 <>< Stacy

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