Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Color Run!

This post was started weeks ago...
and is ridiculously outdated,
but here are a few fun pics from the day of Casey's first RUN!
The run also happened to be in support of Happy Wheels,
an organization we support in honor of Christopher.
"Color Me Rad"
Casey before and after

The kids before (still sleepy) and after (colorful!?!)
Casey was a smurff for a few days!!
Lots of fun!  and for a good cause!

 And a few other fun moments....
Loving some of Elizabeth's gifts from some friends

Froyo to celebrate!

32 degrees was celebrating too, so complimentary cups!
Messing with Daddy?

Haha!  I can't even remember what they were pretending here...
(sorry, Casey!)

<>< Stacy

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