Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Twelve Blog Posts of Catching Up Before Christmas

A few weeks ago, I completely maxed out my
{free} photo storage for my blog.
Now that I have learned how to resize images...
I have uploaded tons of {resized} pics for tons of posts!
So consider this my
"Twelve Blog Posts of catching up before Christmas"
Even if it ends up being 14 posts
A few of my favorite smiles
 On Sundays I coordinate the boys' clothes as much as possible!
(ok, maybe other days, too...but especially Sundays!)
After church (in October)
We have several great parks near our house!

At the park on a PERFECT day!

Michael showing off new tricks!
We even have fun at TARGET!
The boys love these 'red balls'!!

My sweet littlest boy!

For those of you who know him well,
does Christopher ever stop eating?

Helping out in the kitchen
(better yet, digging in!)
Bump picture.....
6 weeks ago!
Expect a lot of posts as I 'catch up' this week!
Lots of fun to share!
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

Great pictures! You all have such wonderful smiles! I'm glad you got the picture upload thing figured out, I love all your posts!