Monday, December 10, 2012

Arggggg! Pirate Family!

Halloween was a fun day!
We went up to Spartanburg
so we could spend Halloween as a family.
Here's what we did.....
1.  The boys had a chocolate milk picture
in their countdown calendar....
Chocolate milk for breakfast!!??!!
2.  The boys saw a black cat outside

Chasing a black cat.

3.  Free haircuts at the fabulous Pink the Beauty Boutique!

A little army man getting a haircut.
4.  We dressed like a pirate family!

Ye pirate family...and a parrot!

Ready for some fun!

Pirate Christopher.

Parrot Michael.

Pirate couple!

5.  We went trick-or-treating with friends!

We caught some awfully cute conversations between these two!

The littler ones!

Everybody smile!
(or just look in this general direction!)
6. We trick-or-treated at our family's houses!
Michael's parrot costume didn't last all night
...I knew it wouldn't...
So he had on these PJs underneath
and joined the pirate fun!

Pirate brothers at Gigi's house!

Trick-or-treating at Papa's house!

A complete pirate family  :)
Now we just need to sell my house
so we can see all of our wonderful friends and family
and have fun like this with Daddy all the time!
<>< Stacy

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