Monday, December 10, 2012

Pumpkin Fun: Part 2

Go to Pumpkin Fun: Part 1 to see how we
had fun with pumpkins before Halloween.
And lastly.........
we roasted our un-carved pumpkins
at the end of November
and turned them into PUMPKIN BUTTER!
What are you doing NOW Daddy?

Very interested little boys.

He loves to help!

A project best followed by some
chocolate, chocolate chip cookies 
and hot chocolate with marshmallows!
"Cheese!  Can we drink it now?"


I caught a pic of Michael teaching Petey to Dance.
Poor, poor Petey.

Dog torture.

Picking him up, too ?
We have a fair share of cat torture here, too,
but this time she made her OWN bed
in Michael's little hiding spot.
I'll just say here that 2 little boys, 2 dogs,
1 cat, and 2 gerbils keep me very, very busy.
But it's fun....
<>< Stacy

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