Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recent Happenings!

A few things we have been up to lately...
Recital, Concert, and Gig season!
I literally have 5 gigs to play this month....
at the end of my pregnancy!
And some have multiple rehearsals and performances!
But so far, so good  :)
I enjoy playing, and I am grateful to have them!
2 of my sweet students (sisters)
had a mini-recital at their house!
What a fun evening of solos, duets, and trios!
Can't believe how big they are getting!
Doggie fun = Doggie torture
The boys have been playing with the dogs a lot more!

Bear getting some love!

Petey hiding  :)

A few Christmas pictures!
I randomly decided to get our cards out
really, really early this year,
so I quickly grabbed out these Christmas outfits
put up our little Christmas tree,
and hoped for smiles!
I can't wait until we get moved
and can have our 'real' Christmas decorations out again!
I LOVE Christmas decorating...
so 2 years in a row of minimalism is killing me!

Cute brothers!

Forcing the smiles for Mommy

"I'm so cute!"                             "I'm so funny!"

A little piece of my heart :)

They were just about DONE cooperating here!
We made Apple Butter!
We had some apples hanging around
from apple picking,
so we decided to make crock pot apple butter.
Everybody helped!
It turned out just like Grandma Long's
apple butter I ate when I was growing up.
Everyone loved it including the boys!
Christopher all ready to help!

Peeling apples

This just makes me laugh!

Christopher is always eating...
and Michael is always making faces

Mommy was peeling apples for Daddy to cut

A full Crock Pot!

Adding the flavor.......

* Watching *

The next day:  Apple Butter!
<>< Stacy

 A pink cupcake for Elizabeth!