Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seriously Cute!

I am so thankful that I have been feeling better this week!
Less swelling, increased energy, only minor bad dreams,
 and diminishing cold symptoms.
(coughing when 9 months pregnant is painful!)
So last week I felt miserable and this week I say,
"4 more weeks?  I got this!"
Elizabeth Annalise
moves around all the time!
Michael loves to feel her moving.
The boys are already so sweet with her.....
She gets hugs and belly kisses followed by raspberries.
(Raspberry = blowing on my baby tummy)
She might as well get used to 2 crazy older brothers!
Here are a few 'seriously cute' pictures and moments
Our teensy tiny Christmas tree.

The 2 cutest boys EVER!                    Headed off to church!

Me and my handsome hubby!

~~ He cleans up well ~~

Around 32 weeks pregnant
(4 weeks ago)
We recently found these 2 "monkeys" hidden in the van
(the backpack leashes, not the 2 kids....)
They begged to wear them in the house
and attached themselves to doorknobs.
I promise I didn't do this to them!  :)  

My 2 little monkeys

Loving on Bear

A typical "preggo pic in a mirror"

Doggies taking advantage of pillows being left on the floor
(and creating more laundry for me to do!)

I think this will be my first entry in,
"Easy meals for Lazy/Busy Moms"
Open some cans, mix in a pan, serve in tortillas.
But the kids loved it ~ especially dipping their burritos in sour cream!

Easy meal made on a lazy day!

Reading in bed - aren't they just adorable??

Michael leading book time and teaching colors.

Again with the monkey bookbags!
Now with sunglasses!
Cute and Cool!

Christopher and Spiderman

2 Silly litle boys!
And yes, that is yarn on our Christmas tree!
We didn't get out ornaments...
so Michael added some yarn he got at church.
<>< Stacy


Emily Tibbetts said...

After Recieving your card a while ago, I finally spoted the website. The boys look adorable, and I can't believe how far along you are. I am excited to have a girl cousin on the way. Till another family gathering Merry Christmas Wileys.

Wiley family said...

Thanks Emily! only 4 more weeks til she's here! Once she is born, we may be in Spartanburg while she is still super tiny (a week old)...if so, you will HAVE to come see her! See you at Christmas!

Amanda McCusker said...

Haha! I love the leashes stuck on doorknobs! That looks like fun...only little boys, lol.