Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leaf piles...they never lose their popularity!

Leaf Piles...
 I think jumping in leaf piles is one of those things
that kids will be doing for generations and generations :)
Earlier this year, Grandpa blew all of his leaves into a nice pile for jumping!
Blowing the leaves!

Christopher had a blast!

Throwing leaves (destroying the pile)

Pure happiness!

Reminds me of my childhood!

Spiderman jumped too!  and almost got lost!

Pure Happiness!

Grown ups just sit and watch, right?

Now, taking care of leaves at OUR house
is an entirely bigger project!
It will be nice when the boys are old enough to really help.
This year they were willing, but just too little!
I helped a little, but how much can a super pregnant person really do?
Props to Casey for all of his hard work and blisters (twice now) !

Michael trying to help

Raking piles onto a tarp...using the boys to hold the edges down!

"Who knew raking could be so much fun!"

The boys actually helped move the tarp!

And finally....hours later.....
Jumping in the pile!
I guess non pregnant adults don't have to just sit and watch...
Daddy joined in!

This was the first weekend - second time the pile was bigger!
And now with a running start.....

Running and Jumping!

Michael conquers Daddy!
And me?
I swept the driveway.
It lasted one day.
But that's a big project for a very pregnant person!
And one I regretted due to hurting arms and multiple violin gigs!
A clean driveway!
So even though raking is a VERY stinky job,
it's so worth it for the kids!
(and the kids at heart)
Casey did all the work - so he may disagree.
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

That looks like so much fun! Those boys are always smiles!