Friday, December 14, 2012

Fun in Florida

Over Thanksgiving, we travelled to Florida to visit family!
We figured we should get a trip in before baby comes.
We certainly had a BLAST!
Before we left, we made a Thanksgiving book using leaf crumbles.
Casey drew a pumpkin in glue and the kids did the 'leafing'.
We made an insert for the cover that said,
"I'm thankful God gave me______________"
and everybody filled out a page on Thanksgiving.
I think this is a new tradition!
It was fun to see what everyone wrote,
and it was fun to read last year's answers, too.
Last year we used noodles...this year, leaves.

Let's just dump the whole bag on!
The boys were REALLY good on the drive down!
I probably complained more than they did.
Travelling very pregnant is uncomfy!
But in the Bible, Mary did it on a donkey.............

Taco Bell for lunch/pit stop!

We always stop at the Florida state line
and get some OJ samples.
The boys even tried grapefruit juice this time!

OJ time!

A nice break from driving :)

Happy travellers!

Welcome to Florida!
Everyone knows our kids are goooooood eaters.
Thanksgiving was no different!
Grandma made a yummy Thanksgiving spread!
And being pregnant on Thanksgiving
makes the food taste even better :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Concentrating on the food...

Goofy boy!

Casey's Grandparents live in a beautiful neighborhood.
This is a dock you can fish from!

Thanksgiving 2012

LOVE these two :)
The boys had tons of fun at the neighborhood park, too.
We sure didn't have to go far to find something fun for the boys!

Aunt Michelle pushing!

Grown ups like to swing too.....
They were swinging in opposite directions
so they wouldn't topple the whole thing!

Casey and Uncle Bobby
We got to see a lot of other family, too!
Check out these superheroes...
Michael, Ronnie, Christopher
(aka:  SuperWhy, SuperRonnie, and Batman)
We made a pyramid too!
You should've heard the knee cracking
coming from the bottom row!!

A family pyramid
This is just a fraction of the fun we had in Florida!
I'll share manatee and fishing pictures next time!
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

What a creative idea with the leaves! I love the family pyramid too! The welcome center is such a cool place to stop, I have a few pictures under that sign as well! Glad you all had wonderful trip! It is always so good to see family!