Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cheer and Baby's Almost Here!

I still have some fun pictures to share from our Florida trip,
but I thought I would share these
tremendously cute Christmas pictures
we took earlier this month first.
(and a baby update below!)
We made plans to take some cute Christmas pictures
at the State House Christmas tree.
(but we snapped a few before church 'just in case'......)
Christopher was all smiles :)

Christopher smiling...........................Michael smiling
But not smiling in the same picture!

Daddy and the boys!
Playing at the State House Christmas Tree

or better yet, playing IN the State House Christmas tree

Mostly just being silly  :)

Such a handsome little dude!

2 of my personal favorites!
These pictures took a LOT of effort....
the boys were hungry and slap-happy!
I'm pretty sure "Friday" was dancing on my head here.
Just a few of the boys' hilarious pictures.......
Fun, fun, fun!
 My handsome hubby!              34 weeks pregnant

Friday helped get smiles...
we never go anywhere without him!

One quick family shot by a passer-by
Playing in the leaves!
And now for a baby update.......
I get a lot of:
Wow, you've dropped!
You're very low, must be a boy!
You're not going to make it to your due date!
You still have 4 weeks?
But the doctor assured me today that
he will be very surprised if baby comes
while we are out of town over the next 2 weeks.
Her head is down, but otherwise no more than 1 cm dilated.
* whew *
I have Christmas, a wedding to play, and a baby shower
before she can make her grand appearance!
Until then, we have a lot of preparations to complete!
A busy couple of weeks to ensure we have everything we need
and that it is all setup before her arrival.
Tons to think about!
Not to mention I am packing to leave for Christmas this Thursday
and will be out of town for a week+.
36 weeks pregnant now!
But for now, Casey has a full week+ off at Christmas...
and I am looking forward to every minute with him and our families!
We have some fun things planned :)
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

Those are some incredibly adorable pictures of the boys and the family!!! Prayers for you and baby Elizabeth as you both prepare for her grand entrance!