Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Personally, I am praying 2013 brings BIG changes for us.
First, Baby Elizabeth Annalise...
and second, moving to Boiling Springs!
Thinking about 2012,
I can't believe I spent the entire year living without Casey!
I endured some of the hardest days while I was still working full time.
(especially 1st trimester of my pregnancy and with house for sale!)
I became a mostly SAHM in June and have loved every minute!
We found out we would be adding a baby girl to our family.

2012 was filled with both hardships and blessings.
But we ended the year with a bang!

We have definitely enjoyed all 12 days of our holiday break together
and today the boys and I will return to Columbia
to resume our 'normal' schedule.
Happy New Year from the Wileys!

The boys got some superhero figurines and costumes for Christmas.
Christopher LOVES being Captain America!

Our superheroes!
Casey and I went out on a 'last big date' in Columbia
while my parents kept the kids at their house.
Dinner was fantastic!
Then we got a late night call from a realtor
for a morning showing
and had to go into cleaning mode.
It was still a great trip to Columbia!
We also worked on setting the house up for baby
(and the carseat is ready!)

Celebrating US before Elizabeth arrives!

Still a cute couple :)

At the restaurant.
Saturday, I played my last scheduled wedding gig before baby.
Now that I got through the wedding, she can come anytime!

38 weeks pregnant... and off for my last gig!

 I was also blessed to have a very dear friend
throw a baby shower for Elizabeth and me this weekend!
Now we have some cute baby girl clothes
and more things PINK that we didn't have before. 
We also got some newborn diapers....
which I had NOT bought yet!

Waiting on Baby Elizabeth!

3 generations... waiting on 1 more!

Sisters bump-to-bump

Happy Mommy and Grandma

My sweet, sweet bestie and shower hostess!
Love you, Allison!

Sweet Michael Wiley!

38 weeks  pregnant :)

Michael is all about the silly faces!!!!!
And yes, although I napped briefly at 7:00,
I DID stay awake to see the ball drop
and watch 2012 turn into 2013!
Hoping for a fantastic year!
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

Happy New Year! So much to look forward to! Praying for you and Elizabeth as the time gets closer!