Monday, January 7, 2013

USC Horseshoe Photo Tradition

We have a little USC Horseshoe photo tradition......
2008  34 weeks pregnant with Michael
2010  36 weeks pregnant with Christopher 
2013  39 weeks pregnant with Elizabeth! 
Of course, we took a few cute pics with the boys, too ----

We were all decked out in pink,
but it was quite cold and rainy!
(you can barely see the boys' cute pink ties)
I might be able to share more pics later,
but for now I need to finish up a few more baby things!
In other news...
If you're on facebook,
please go to this link to help us win a year of photography:
All you do is leave a comment on the photo.
(I realize we are behind, but the comments are great none-the-less!)
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

What an awesome tradition! You look so beautiful! Praying for you and Elizabeth to have a safe, smooth delivery! The boys are so cute!