Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 1 - A good day!

I was quite lucky to have my husband home
for the first 17 days after Elizabeth was born!
Now we are back to our usual lifestyle...
So today was day 1 of week 1
of living all by myself!
Today was a pretty good day!
(I can say that now that my killer headache has passed...
you know, the kind where every step you take hurts your head
and children crying makes your whole brain throb).
We started the day with this mess...
 courtesy of Christopher
After a lovely lunch date at my sister's house,
the boys napped while I set up this:
a gift from some violin students

Which somehow resulted in this:

wall art courtesy of Christopher

 Followed by a yummy dinner
(thanks to a church friend!)
and this:
a "Captain America Castle"
Uncle Steven - your shield is much
sought after and fought after around here!
and, of course, a little bit of this:
 Sweet Elizabeth!
Ultimately, I also experienced 2 out of 3 kids crying at once,
(the same time as my headache, actually)
Christopher backtalking like a teenager,
several tearful and willful timeouts,
a thousand runny noses,
and too much exhaustion to clean up from dinner
(or to clean, well, ANYTHING)
But those things are not as important as these things:
the boys insist on being near Lizzy!  ack!
So today was a good day :)
I will slowly be trying to blog again,
and maybe even get some
good pics and stories up
from the last 2 weeks.
But I'm typing one handed
and admiring my sweet baby in the other...
which tends to slow me down!
Tomorrow we have a 2 week doctor appointment...
wish us luck getting there on time!
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

Lizzy is so beautiful! It looks like you guys are having fun adventures as always! Hooray for good days!