Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cuteness Overload

-- Caution --
This post will predominantly be
appreciated by family members
or people who find joy in looking at
adorably cute pictures of little children.
Enjoy :)
Christopher shaking Lizzy's toy for her

Look at those cheeks!!!

Happy baby girl

Napping in the swing

Playing on her toy mat - she grasps toys now!

Just another happy moment :)

She is just PRECIOUS!!!!

Look closely ---
We definitely have a thumb sucker!!

My newest niece - Lily Kate Strom - born April 4th

Does this look comfy to you?????
Babies have the weirdest sleeping positions!

Mommy/Daughter picture

These 3 keep me BUSY and HAPPY!

Little rascals.

OOOOOoooooohhhhhh the cuteness!!
"What are YOU lookin' at?"

Just chillin' while Mommy meets with a bride and
Daddy cleans out a freezer before moving it to the new house!

Sweet, sweet, sweet!
I adore my little girl and my big boys!
It's our last week in Columbia!
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

Love the picture overload! The one of you and all three kids is so precious!