Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Makeover...

In honor of my last night at Mosshill,
I am finally posting the pictures of our home makeover!
After signing on with a new realtor and 
a stager sending us a monstrous to-do list,
we spent a week working NON-STOP to makeover the house.
It was hard.
Little did we know that it would be SO worth it!!
I took most of these pictures just after
spending 3 hrs at McDonalds
during the one and only showing
that sold our house!
Outside project #1: raked leaves
Lizzy sleeping amidst the MESS!

Michael took this picture while I was painting the bathroom.
This may have been the 5th or 6th coat (primer + paint!)
Notice the new paint color?
We FINISHED the stager's list!

Put out tons of pinestraw
Pressure washed the walkway
Cut back some bushes near front door

Added flower pots
Re-painted porch ceiling and trim
Changed light fixture

Painted door black

Moved rug, got rid of chair
Painted walls
Brought in and staged a bookshelf

Painted back of door white
Removed all wall hangings and
brought in 1 from office for above fireplace

Changed out wood blinds for white ones
Put rug under table

Painted walls

Removed almost everything from countertops

Caulked in a few places
Picked up rugs

Changed out wood blind for white one
Painted (many, many coats to cover orange)
Added wall hanging from living room
Changed out towels and curtain for WHITE

Scraped and painted ceiling
Installed a new fan
Painted walls
Painted baseboards and trim

Changed out Michael's bedding for more neutral
Removed shelves and wall art

Removed a bookshelf and other furniture
Staged remaining bookshelf

Removed all wall hangings
Moved bed and other furniture
Nothing left on dresser(s) 

Painted (many, many times!)
New (updated) medicine cabinet and light

Had to include a picture of our family aprons :)
Re-painted floors in sunroom and laundry room
Added a bench (Thanks Allison!)

Straightened up under carport
The work felt way harder than it sounds here.
So thankful I only had to keep it that clean for 1 week!!!!!
It looked GOOD!
Oh - and we are actually benefitting from all of this work...
our wall hangings are already gone and the walls are already repaired.
Just looking on the bright side!!!  :)
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

The house looks beautiful! All of your hard work really did pay off! Congratulations on the quick sale! Enjoy the new chapter beginning now!