Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Elizabeth Annalise Wiley

Things have been crazy since Elizabeth's
newborn pictures were ready 5 weeks ago...
so I am taking a moment to share
some of her beautiful pictures with you today!
Elizabeth Annalise Wiley
2 weeks old
* please note that I have resized these images
to a small fraction of their professional quality *

Daddy and his baby girl!
Mommy kisses

Precious little arm hanging down  :)
A family of 5!

Brotherly love

I looooooooove my family!

These are unedited, but capture some sweet moments :)

Pretty good smiles here!
Christopher isn't so sure....

Lizzy's protectors (aka: brothers)

Oh Christopher...he was a grump that day!

G R U M P Y face!!!!!
Just chillin'!

What a white, fluffy headband!

Our little monkey!
Simply Sweet :)
Loving her little baby fat rolls!!!!!
Sleeping her cares away!

Chubby little arms!

Sweet, sweet girl  :)
Baby toes!
One of my favorite pictures, ever!
This just may be on a canvas in her NEW NURSERY!

Love this angle, too  :)

Sweet girl :)
GRUMPY face again!
Squishy cheeks!

Ok, ok.... I went a little crazy posting pics :)
but she is just beautiful!
<>< Stacy