Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Days!

Easter is a beautiful season and holiday.
I enjoyed it even more this year
because the boys got really excited about the Easter story
and begged to go through our Resurrection Eggs everyday!
On these beautiful Spring days I am filled with hope and happiness!
Whether it be my hope in Jesus,
knowing my family will finally be reunited within 2 weeks,
celebrating the days Christopher started recovering around Easter 2011,
enjoying sweet moments with my babies as a SAHM,
watching the boys play outside together,
or just the shear beauty of God's creation...
these are indeed happy days!
Easter was so much fun this year!
We started early with Easter baskets before church.
SO excited about his basket!
Checking out the goods

One shot before church in case someone
didn't make it out in the same clothes :)
Putting flowers on the cross at church

Most.  Adorable.  Boys.  Ever!
Brotherly {silly} love!

My two handsome BIG boys!

Elizabeth's FIRST Easter  :)

A shot by Michael
And somehow, my amazing brother employed his
hidden talent of taking good pics of my family again...
How in the world does he get them to cooperate so well????
Wiley Easter 2013
Can't have Easter without an egg hunt!
Anxious for the egg hunt!

Looking hard for green eggs!

Super excited!
Getting some of those hard-to-reach eggs


And Finally...The kids decorated cupcakes!
Easter fun!

Maybe even a new tradition!
Hope and joy are in the air...
Spring is comin' our way!

Oh, Happy Days!!

<>< Stacy

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