Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~ Family ~

 ~ Family ~
We see a lot more family now that we live in the Upstate...
Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...
Really, we see a lot more family ~ and I love it!
I feel like our priorities are finally
falling into place: 
Spouse and Marriage
Friends (and Fellowship)
Career Goals
Everything Else
That, of course, is a quick, simplified version of
deep relationships that require much tender loving care.
But it was quite hard to uphold these priorities
when we lived in separate cities!
It felt more like:
Show-Ready House
Everyone/Everything Else
But alas, by the grace of God, survive we did!
We went from juggling 2 full time jobs and 2+ part time jobs
to Casey working 1 full time and me being a SAHM
(with hopes of starting and growing a violin studio soon).
So let's just say this is the most relaxed lifestyle
we have had since...well...ever.
(Or at least since we lived at home with our parents!)
Here are some snapshots of some family time  :)
Grandma celebrated her birthday June 13th!

Gramps always reads to the boys - moments to treasure!
We got an extra dose of family time when
Casey's Grandparents came from Florida to visit!
Grandma jumped right in and helped me around the kitchen
(don't be jealous Mommy friends!)
She taught me a thing or two about a few recipes
and taught Casey how to make stuffed cabbage.
I thoroughly enjoyed their visit - and the boys did, too!

Uncle Cole hanging out and Grandma CC loving on Elizabeth

Elizabeth can get up on all fours and rock a lot,
but she just started moving her hands forward yesterday!
Our little 5 month old can s l o w l y crawl!
Getting SO big SO fast!

Check out the tongue...

Up on my knees :)
 By some odd coincidence,
both of the boys had their first foods
when we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa.
So we figured we would follow suit with Elizabeth...
(it was Thanksgiving potatoes for the boys)
Elizabeth tasted some potatoes
and has since been eating cereal everyday! 
3rd kid......just eats off the back of the fork.......who needs a spoon?

C U T E brother and sister love   :)

In closing, I want to share some special photos
we recently took in honor of Mother's Day.
Now that I finally have a girl,
my sister and I each have 4 generations of girls!
My brother took these beautiful pictures of
4 generations of Mothers and Daughters.
I will treasure them forever :)

4 Generations

Wiley side

The hands that have built happy homes  :)

Photos at Denny's Plaza

Loving my sweet girl!

The reason I am who I am!

Family blanket  :)

It's my generation's turn to raise 'em up right!

I can't get over how sweet and precious she is!

My Grandmother is such a wonderful person and example!
~ Family ~
Don't take it for granted.
Don't move it down the priority list.
Spend time together.
Make memories.
Uphold family traditions.
Create new traditions.
Pick up the phone.
Write a note.
Give a hug.
Say "I love you".
And most importantly,
teach your children
- the next generation -
that family really matters.
<>< Stacy

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