Friday, June 28, 2013

Making Changes

Today has been a great day!
Even in a house of 3 young children,
it has been a quiet afternoon.
Michael is sleeping.
Elizabeth is awake in her crib
playing with a toy she hasn't ever seen.
She seems completely enthralled by the colors!
Christopher is awake and sitting in the book nook
'reading' with a stuffed animal.
I might add he has been very successful on the potty today!
And I am enjoying these precious, fleeting, peaceful moments.
But what makes today any different?
Well, I decided to put facebook on the back burner this week.
And let me say, I LOVE me some facebook time!
Ask me how to relax and I say curled up on the couch, 
feeding the baby, and scrolling through facebook!
But for some reason, I feel like I have to be
"caught up" with my news feed everyday.
I worry I might "miss" something.
I check it and recheck it frequently.
I enjoy knowing everything about everyone.
I gravitate towards facebook more than my Bible.
Crazy, huh? and painful to admit.
Not every facebook friend has this problem, but I do.
So for now - very little facebook time.
(and no, I am NOT 'caught up')
My theory is that I will have a clearer mind,
and more time to focus on other things...
and so far it has proven correct!
YES, I am itching to scroll through facebook,
but I think my time can be better spent elsewhere...
Once I get past the initial shock,
I am hopeful this will change my life for the better :)
Now for some fun pics!
This is Casey on Father's Day!
He is truly a fantastic (and handsome) Daddy!
 Daddy and his 3 kiddos :)

 Thanks to a lovely blog I follow,
I decided to do a special photo project for Father's Day...
I dressed the boys in Casey's clothes and took a few pics!

Just like Daddy!

This was the final product!

The boys got bored pretty quickly
so I took them into the kitchen
to cook just like Daddy!

Chefs Michael and Christopher
Loving the bowties + aprons!
Cooking up something yummy!

Adding spices I think...

They wanted Mommy to taste test! 


I think the quote from this picture,
"Lord, I want to be just like you
because they want to be just like me"
is equally applicable for me -
and all Christian moms and dads!
So I will continue to make changes in my life
to be a stronger example of Christ to my children.
Even if it means cutting WAY back on facebook.  *gulp*

<>< Stacy
*Please keep in mind that I have no problems with being involved on facebook!  I love facebook! 
I am just realizing that facebook is one of the few things I faithfully keep up with DAILY while other areas suffer.  I am trying to re-organize my life priorities and find a better balance in this area. 


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Julie Anne Russell said...

Hey Stacy,

As you know, I also went off facebook (and am still off!) - for many of the same reasons as you. I found myself thinking unhealthy thoughts as I scrolled through the newsfeed, jealousy and whatnot. I was unhappy with the way I was using it, and honestly, I have enjoyed much more, my friendships and life in general being not on facebook. I am trying to connect more with people on a real level as opposed to something relatively lazy (not putting forth effort to write a letter or make a coffee date). Please email me your new address so I can write you letters! I'll be praying for you during this time - and I hope the Lord will show you how great the life He's given you is, without the need for social media.