Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm Back Again!

I haven't been able to blog for a while
May and June were busy months for the Wiley household!
First of all, these two cuties celebrated their birthdays!
I'll share more about that soon...
Such big boys! Melt my heart!
We also celebrated my Mom's birthday!
I'm so glad we can host in our new home :)

Steven and Mommy

Family time!
I enjoyed spending time with my sister
while she was in town celebrating birthdays and more.
We also took some special 4 generation photos, too.
I'll share more about that soon....   :)

Me and Lily, my niece :)

Elizabeth and Aunt Steph :)

In a couple of years,
I have no doubt these 2 will be great friends!

Baby swap!  Aunts!
I will be posting several more photo updates
of what we have been up to over the next few days.
Seems like a whirlwind of events since Mother's Day,
but as for my daily routine, I find myself cooking,
cleaning up baby messes constantly, potty training
(and generally talking about poop more than anyone ever should),
 still unpacking and sorting out house stuff
(we are preparing for a garage sale!)
 spending time with the kids,
running errands- lots of new doctor/dentist appointments next week,
visiting churches, visiting family, and visiting friends.
We are settling in at a church for a while,
so I attended a rehearsal and am playing violin Sunday.
It feels SO good to finally play in church again!
I'm not used to sitting out in the congregation and singing :)
I am also looking forward to playing at Riverland Hills
next Sunday and dedicating Elizabeth there July 7th.
I sure do miss our old church.
Daddy's Girl!
Sometimes this life still seems too good to be true!
<>< Stacy

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