Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Secret to Happiness

I have come to realize that my blog posts
make us look like a pretty perfect, happy family.
Not to say that isn't true -
but I feel it is important to point out that my blog
mainly reflects the best parts of our days and our lives.
I choose the pictures.
I choose the stories.
and  usually,
I only choose the best.
But bad, sad, and mad moments happen here, too:
Potty training Christopher has proven to be quite difficult
(pooping everywhere BUT the potty).
Christopher broke our screened porch door a couple days ago.
Casey left the gate open and I had to chase the dogs down - TWICE
(Not exactly how I want to be known in the new neighborhood).
Elizabeth has her fussy days.
Sometimes I literally have 10 loads of dirty laundry at a time.
Our moving process has been physically and mentally exhausting,
and we have TONS of projects left in the new house!
I bribe my kids.  (Yes.  I do.)
We have let our grass go until the weeds were 1 foot tall!
Our finances aren't exactly stellar right now
after closing on 2 houses.
Sometimes the boys fight like wild cheetahs.
I do not remember to read to them everyday.
I wish I could sleep in just. a. little. longer.
Our upstairs bathrooms haven't been cleaned since we moved in
(yes, like 7 weeks ago).
Christopher put dirt and bubbles in the dogs' water
and frequently gets himself wet and filthy from head to toe
I snap at the kids more than I would like - but I'm working on it.
Need I go on?
But there are 2 thoughts resounding in my mind
that remind me that these issues are trivial:
1) TRUST God
2) Keep an ETERNAL perspective
I learned these things the hard way -
in the hospital with Christopher,
and living on my own for 18 months.
But if I had to share the secret to happiness,
This. Would. Be. It.
Keep an ETERNAL perspective.
Let the bad moments go,
Savor the good ones,
and remember that this life is only temporary...
Oh, and don't ever be discouraged by the
'perfect' lives you see on facebook and blogs...
Real life is dirty, messy, and downright happy :)
<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

I love it! I do the same thing as much for my own sake as anyone else's. I can look at the pictures and see, looking back, that it really was a good day. Because there are some days where I feel like I am disciplining and yep snapping (I'm working on that too!) and who know what else goes wrong. But life isn't perfect, but that's not how life was meant to be. I love your secret to happiness! Some days, it is only that which gets us through the day.