Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apple Picking 2013

My family has gone apple picking every Fall
for as long as I can remember!
We have pictures by the "How tall this Fall?" sign
dating back to when my brother was in a stroller  :)
Our usual spot, Skytop, has gotten pretty busy for weekend picking,
so we tried out a new place this year:  Stepp Apple Orchard
 Not exactly the same as Skytop, but plenty of apples to choose from!
It was so SO so SO so SO hot that we didn't get to stay too long.
It was still a fun family experience with my family
that has now become 12 people!
I'll just let the overabundance of pictures speak for themselves :)

Happy in the wagon


Loving my little girl :)

Science lesson? = field trip!

Fun climbing in the trees!

Snacking :)

So nice living together this Fall!!!!

Daddy gets the hard jobs :)
Just chillin' in the shade

Me and my bro

Still veeeeeery excited!

Trying an apple...

Getting HOT at this point!

Cousin Violet sneaking a smile  :)

Some of the many faces of Christopher.....

when he still had teeth!

Lizzy had a few things to say about the apples.

too hot to cooperate enthusiastically
Cutie pies!

These two seriously love each other!!

Elizabeth's  first time apple picking!

Daddy's girl ?


Cooling off in the car
(which I might add you can DRIVE around the orchard)

The hard workers...

Uncle Steven
Back at Grandma's house....

The 5 grandchildren

Excited about pumpkins  :)

When did he get so big?

We have plans for these baking pumpkins!

Christopher loving on his cousin, Lily :)

The baby girls hanging out together
Fun was had by all   :)
<>< Stacy

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