Monday, October 21, 2013

A day in the life of...

I am so pleased that we are on week 9 of homeschooling!
It feels good to see 41 days complete!   :)
So aside from Co-op, teaching violin lessons,
orchestra practice/Mission Friends, ladies' Bible study,
church, AWANA, playdates, and family outings,
What does a homeschool day in our life really look like?
Here are a few snapshots (from several days).
"Mommy, can we have school in the mud?"
Schooltime in the "mud"  (aka brownish blanket)
Lazy doggies keeping us company!

Releasing a balloon to learn about the Holy Spirit.

This is one of those rare times I found time to practice!
Look closely at the little girl in the corner of the picture :)

Elizabeth mesmerized!

She was very interested in listening!

The boys learned about blind Bartimaeus and humility.
Christopher blindfolded to feel how blind Bartimaeus would have felt.

It's tricky to color without your eyes!

This guy wouldn't do a blindfold, but he tried it with his eyes closed.
Edible lessons!
When we learned about Winter,
we blended up ice to make 'snow' and ate it!
It was very, very cold!

Any lesson involving FOOD is a winner!

Elizabeth being her sweet and precious usual self. 

Happy, happy, happy!

Two of Michael's favorite things:
A feather and a stuffed animal (fluff bunny).

Excited about his feather find.
Michael started putting Fluff Bunny in peculiar places.

In the bushes.

In the weeping willow tree.
Pausing for some cuteness.

She keeps me busy, busy, busy!  9 months old!

Food, food, food!
The boys love to eat...very......slowly....
so we started practicing our
AWANA/homeschool Bible verses at lunch!
Scriptures and Soup.

My 1st time making potato soup  :)

A happy moment (and Christopher with front teeth)!

Our Halloween costume preview...
A princess, a dragon, and a knight in shining armor to save her!

Elizabeth "helping" Michael with puzzles

MICHAEL put this costume on Lizzy!
Let's just say she keeps up well with her brothers!
So that's a little glimpse of a day [or several days] in our life.
Of course, I only take pictures of the fun stuff.
We have plenty of boring moments, whining, fighting,
standing in the corner, barely getting laundry done,
no food in the house moments, too.

But these are the moments life is made of :)
<>< Stacy

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