Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Front Teeth

***  CAUTION  ***
There are some nasty photos of
Christopher's mouth injury below.
Do not continue to read this post
if you can't handle the grossness...
and don't blame ME if you read on
and get sick to your stomach!  :)
This is Christopher's sweet, toothy grin on Saturday...
Apple picking family tradition!
I'll post more about our trip soon!
On Sunday evening, after AWANA at church,
Christopher jumped off the couch and got sent to the corner.

On his way to the corner, he slipped
and hit his face on the hardwood floor.
When he got up, I could see he had busted his lip,
but when I went to console him, I saw THIS:
Sunday night
Wow.  We scooped him up, gave him some love,
and immediately called a million people for help!
My Mom, Dad, and Steven helped tame the craziness
while we contacted the dentist, passed Michael off to a friend,
and got substitute plans quickly lined up for co-op.
Thank you SO much to everyone who helped!
We LOVE you!!
After we got him calmed down, he was hungry and thirsty...

Grandma was a huge help in comforting and feeding
(and assessing the damage)

Uncle Steven helped with drinking some chocolate milk!

MMMMmmmmm...feeling a little better with all the sweet treats!

Learning how to do it himself!
The dentist decided to see Christopher 1st thing Monday
morning so she would have staff and equipment running.
I am in AWE of how sweet and positive Christopher was being.
Puts us adults to shame!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a sweetheart  :)
Sunday before bed.

Time to lose some teeth!
The dentist said he got them pretty good
and that she hadn't seen it happen that bad in a while....
but that is just Christopher's style!
Dr. Green said he needed a better story than falling flat on the floor.  :)
Christopher was extremely well behaved for the dentist.
He knew she needed to 'fix' his teeth.
He wasn't really scared at all!
He cooperated for his x-rays, meds,
being strapped down (well, he was loopy at this point),
and everything else they did!
His only stipulation was to leave with a toy ninja...
and they found the last one in the basket (pink ninja!).
:)  :)    He is a cute, sweet, little MESS!   :)  :)

Getting prepped!

Waiting for the doctor to 'fix' his teeth.

Christopher's smile post-teeth!
It's going to look a little rough for 7-10 days.

Monday after teeth are pulled....
and still a little medicated loopy :)

Better than before.....

Christopher didn't have any side effects to his meds.
He was most concerned that he wouldn't
be able to bite his food anymore.
You know how he loves to EAT!
I told him he had plenty of other teeth to bite with
so he ate lunch with no complaints.

We picked Michael up from school,
went to the library to check out some books about the tooth fairy
(since we haven't ever really talked about it!)
had some friends over to play,
watched a veggie tales movie about forgiveness,
read the tooth fairy books,
and overall had a GREAT day.
Tooth Fairy!
I was a little grossed out by his teeth with their roots attached,
but we put them in the tiny treasure chest from the dentist....
and this morning he had 2 gold dollar coins under his pillow :)

A little confused and a LOT excited about his coins  :)
Christopher is always getting into trouble  :)
He has kept us on our toes since the day he was born!
I am so impressed by how he is handling this. 

He still eats as much as usual, talks as much as usual,
smiles as much as usual, and brings much joy to our lives, as usual.
I think I could learn a little from how this little boy handled his injury.

<>< Stacy

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