Friday, August 29, 2014

A Typical Day

In my last post, I shared about
the boys' first campout in the backyard.

And an update as promised...
Christopher did not make it through the night,
but Michael and Daddy did!
Christopher didn't like the sounds
of the cats outside the tent,
so he came in for the night.
In other news....
I thought I would share a few snapshots
of some typical days around here!
Elizabeth loves bathtime!
Elizabeth in time-out....
and clearly not upset by it.
An update on bedtime...
First few days of having a big girl bed.

Elizabeth sleeps IN her bed now!!
Exploring bugs and more!!!
Playing video games with the family
Improvising when she can't reach (climbing!)
A little bit of school time!

And Lizzy, too!
 A bookworm like her brothers?

Just chilllin'
I certainly love it when this is what
I find them doing in their free time....
Reading time!
We were so blessed to have
a Friday date night last week!
My handsome hubby  :)

Little 15 week baby bump
We are currently in the process of
re-organizing our homeschooling den...
which means it is a disaster zone!
We are hoping to make progress this weekend
(and maybe even paint???)
In the meantime, we have been
floating from table to table for school....

The dining room worked quite nicely!

Bible Reader Workbook

Loving his headphones and
This was my first time letting
this girl color and she LOVED it!
This is the most cooperative
she has ever been on a school day!
(other than when she is napping!)

She LOVES to color!
And finally,
We represented our Gamecocks
yesterday for the first game!
Better luck next time, Gamecocks!

She says "Gamecocks"!
Those were just a few snapshots
of some typical days around here.
(well, except the date night...
we could use a few more of those)
<>< Stacy 


Kim said...

Fun, busy days. One day we'll look back and think how simple these days were compared to when they are all teenagers (at least that's what I've heard!). Also, yeah for Lizzie appearing to be a lefty! It works for me!

Wiley family said...

Definitely a lefty!!!!