Saturday, October 25, 2014

Camping again!

This weekend, Casey and Michael are gone
camping with Michael's Trail Life troop!
Trail Life USA Troop 2331
If you aren't familiar with Trail Life USA, it's a fairly new
Christian adventure, character, & leadership program.
Trail Life recently acquired their first property,
Camp Aiken, right outside of Greenville, South Carolina! 
This is a pretty exciting step for Trail Life...
and even cooler that it is so close to home!
Michael was VERY excited to head out!
Super excited about his pack! 
(See the stuffed animal?)

Despite our limited phone conversations,
it seems like they are having a blast!
The first time Casey took Michael and a friend camping,
it rained so much they had to head home early.
Seems like the weather has been great this weekend!
I can't wait to hear all about it!
In the meantime...
I get to hang out with these cuties!
Checking out the pumpkins... "my pumpkins, my pumpkins"
She loves getting special attention from Mommy!
Heartbreaker -- with sticks and a lovey!
Christopher has been surprisingly
good despite his lack of big playmate!
Christopher put on this spider shirt
this morning and it was waaaay too small,
so we passed it on to Elizabeth!
She makes it cute :)

"I am WILD!"
Christopher, Elizabeth, and I have been visiting
(and eating with) family a lot this weekend.
I captured this beautiful image of the sky
in my parents' neighborhood!
Look at those clouds!!!
And let's not forget about baby #4.
She is very active in the evenings!
We will be seeing her again
on ultrasound this Monday!
and a little peek at our Monday last week...
Beautiful weather,
lunch outside,
playing outside,
and nature journaling.
Blue skies!
Such a big girl   :)
He's really getting into photo bombing with funny faces!
The kids begged me to do nature journaling that day!
They found items in the yard that God had created,
drew them, discussed them, and labeled them.
I was very proud of Christopher's handwriting.  :) 
Nature journaling
 Our family will be re-united tomorrow
and we will continue to enjoy these
beautiful Fall days!
<>< Stacy

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